Thursday, December 16, 2010


On Friday, Dec. 3rd, eleven little girls, ages 8 & 9 and one ten year old participants of the What Girls Know workshop at North Rampart Community Center gave a presentation of their original play, Magnolia and Truth. This was after only three days since they had come up with the story which begins, of course, with

Once upon a time there was a girl named Magnolia. She didn't know where she came from, because she can be in one place for only 24 hours at a time. Every morning she wakes up in a different and strange place and doesn't know where she is. When she woke up yesterday, there was another girl there with her. Her name was Truth and she was looking for her parents. Magnolia hoped they would be friends. Magnolia and Truth set out on the next 24 hour journey. They go to three lands: Helping Land, Bubbleland, Mexico, and Hollywood Land. In each Land they discover something important that ultimately helps Magnolia and Truth find their way home.

Kourtney Heart, the 17 year-old local singing sensation in New Orleans ("My Boy") delighted girls and audience alike with her portrayal of Truth. She and the girls sang in a call and response style set to the rhythm of "Billie Jean". Each girl portrayed the character she had created and resided in her chosen Land. Ciera Payton, Associate Director of What Girls Know, and wonderful young actress played Magnolia.

HUGE THANK YOU to Brenda Currin, Artistic Director of What Girls Know who made it happen!